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The End Of The Mayan Calendar



December 21st (or 23rd) - 2012 end Date?

Mayan Calendar

Could the world be coming to an end in 2012...?

Doomsday Cult In France await Alien salvation


According to some people, yes it could be. But many skeptics say it will not happen. These doomsday theories are derived from the fact that the Mayan Calender ends on December 21 2012.

The Maya were and ancient tribe based in Meso-America, Yucatan area. The Mayan culture was rich in art and education. The Mayan language was written in picograms similar to hieroglyphics of egyptian times. The Mayan people were very intelligent and had an understanding of math that had not been seen in europe at that time.

There are at least 3 versions of the Mayan Calender with perhaps the best known being the Mayan Long Count Calender, also known as the 'Mesoamerican Long Count Calender

Mayan Ruins

The Long Count calendar reveals the Great Year of 5,125 years, one of five Great Years in the Mayan precession cycle of roughly 25,920 years.  According to researchers, we now (2009) are in the year 5,123 of the last Great Year, or 25,917 years into the precession cycle and terminating on December 21 or 23, 2012.

Mayan Ruins


Although there are many descendents of the pre-Columbian Maya alive and well living primarily in the Guatemalan highlands, most of the Mayan peoples and their culture were wiped out during the Spanish Inquisition.  Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortez (right) set sail for the Yucatan (home of the Mayan Indians) in the year 1519 with 600 men and 20 horses.  The Maya welcome him with open arms.  But, Cortez soon conquered the Mayans, destroying their people and culture, while Mayan leader Montezuma stood by.  Cortez' focus was to spread Christianity and deliver a Western civilization.

While most Mayan treasures, books, and art were destroyed by Bishop Diego De Landa, archeologists recently recovered three codices written by the Mayans.  Also discovered was an important book called the Popol Vuh (essentially a Mayan bible). It was written in Spanish by a Mayan Indian shortly after the Inquisition - perhaps one individual's attempt to secure the culture for future generations.  In the Popol Vuh is a story about Mayan creation, known as the Mayan Creation Myth.  Legends of the Mayan elders are also included.  The creation story has provided great insight into early Mayan beliefs.

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