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Travis Walton Alien Abduction


UPDATE: 4/24/14

2014 Eerie PA UFO Conference to Feature Travis Walton - A Fire In The Sky alien abduction story.

April 26th 2014

Erie Bayport Convention Center - 1 Sassafras Pier Erie PA

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Travis Walton - Nov 5th 1975 - Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest , Az.

Just past sunset on Nov 5th 1977 Travis Walton and six of his co-workers witnessed a circular, metalic, disc shaped object hoveing some 20 feet silently above the ground. The seven workers were leaving a job site in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, they were clearing trees. As they traveled home along a windy and rocky mountain road they came upon a bright light off the east. The disc had a yellow glow to it and hung motionless. .

The truck stopped and for some reason Travis Walton felt compelled to get out and approach the object. As he was under the craft looking up and bright lignt came down from the craft and knocked Walton to the ground. The light was witnessed by each one of the co-workers. Thinking there friend is dead and that they were in iminent danger, Mike Rogers starts the truck and races away from the object to saftey. After a short while Rogers realizes he cant just leave his best friend, goes back to get him but to his surprise, Walton & the Unidentified Flying Object were gone.

After searching in vain for Walton, Rogers brought the rest of the crew back to town. They report the incident to the local authorities. Immediately there is doubt regarding their story. Most townspeople including the authorities believed Travis Walton had be murdered and his body buried somewhere on the mountain. The six co-workers agreed to take a polygraph test, which they passed.

5 days later Walton finds himself on the cold pavement west of Heber Arizona. He was lying on his stomach and the cold air awoke him quickly. He turned in time to see a bright light above him and what seemed like a closing door as the light dims then goes out. He can see the craft hovering 4 or 5 off the pavement, the craft was approximately 40 feet in diameter. After a few seconds it shot vertically into space and out of sight. One of the most amazing things he remembers is the silence of the UFO. For a craft that size and fast not make any noise was remarkable. Walton recognizes where he is and runs east toward the town of Heber Az. He makes a collect phone call to his sister from the Exxon gas station. Waltons brother in-law Grant answers the phone at 12:05 am. At first Grant believes the call to be a crank call, but then decides to go see if it really was Travis Walton. Grant picks up his brother Duane






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