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Belgium Balls


The Belgium UFO Wave

It began 11/29/89 outside the Belgium town of Eupen, near the German border. Police officers were dispatched to check on a UFO sighting that was being reported by several people. They spot a triangle shaped object with 3 bright lights underneath. They watch and follow the object as it heads southwest towards Lake Gillespe.

Eupen UFO

The craft continued slowly southwest. Suddenly a red light ball shoots out from underneath the UFO. To the amazement of the officers, another similar triangular shaped ufo appears and they evenutally both fly off together. Similar sightings occured in the following nights leading these incidents to be refered to as 'The Belgium Balls' ufo wave sighting.. All in all this UFO wave event was witnessed by over 1500 people, including 13 police officers from varying counties.

Here is my rendition of a Belguim Triangle UFO.

belgium ufo wave

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