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Roswell UFO Incident

April 2011

FBI Vault Reveals Roswell UFO Files


July 2010

Roswell UFO Cover Up Or Not?





June 4, 2010

Roswell May Pull The Plug On Funding For UFO Festival


ROSWELL, N.M. (June 1, 2010)—The City Council in Roswell, N.M., may end funding for the community’s annual UFO Festival, which celebrates the supposed crash of a flying saucer near the town in the late 1940s.

The festival includes a parade, complete with marchers dressed as space aliens, but the City Council has approved a preliminary budget for next year, which doesn't include any money for it.

One council member said it’s outrageous to spend $150,000 in taxpayer money on the event.

This summer's festival is already funded and will go ahead as planned.


June 16, 2009

Roswell UFO Festival July 2nd Thru July 5th 2009 -



July 2, 2007

Possible Roswell UFO Confirmation

A death bed confession by Lt. Walter Haut might confirm the fact the aliens did crash in the desert of Roswell New Mexico in 1947. The following story was reported on foxnews.com on 7-2-07 apparently taken from the AP wire.

In 1947 a light UFO was sited flying over the Cascade Mountains of Washington state. It was flying at an altitude of 10,000 feet. Suddenly, a bright flash of light lit up the object.

As pilot Kenneth Arnold searched the sky for the source of the bright light, he spotted a group of 9 metallic UFOs flying in-formation. Visibility was apparently good this night. Pilot Arnold estimated the speed of these UFOs at around 1,600 mph – This being 1947, the speed of these craft exceeded that of any man-made jet by nearly three times.

Soon, UFO sightings began to be reported all across America. The rest of this story is exactly as it appeared on foxnews.com on 7-2-07 – Roswell Story

“This wasn't just the world's first UFO sighting — this was the birth of a phenomenon, one that still exercises an extraordinary fascination. Military authorities issued a press release, which began: "The many rumors regarding the flying disc became a reality yesterday when the intelligence officer of the 509th Bomb Group of the Eighth Air Force, Roswell Army Air Field, was fortunate enough to gain possession of a disc."

The headlines screamed: "Flying Disc captured by Air Force". Yet, just 24 hours later, the military changed its story and claimed the object it had first thought was a "flying disc" was a weather balloon that had crashed on a nearby ranch.

The key witness was U.S. Army Maj. Jesse Marcel, the intelligence officer who had gone to the ranch to recover the wreckage. He described the metal as being wafer-thin but incredibly tough. It was as light as balsa wood, but couldn't be cut or burned.

These and similar accounts of the incident have largely been dismissed by all except the most dedicated believers.

Astonishing new twist. But last week came an astonishing new twist to the Roswell mystery. Lt. Walter Haut was the public-relations officer at the base in 1947 and was the man who issued the original and subsequent press releases
after the crash on the orders of the base commander, Col. William Blanchard.

Haut died in December 2005, but left a sworn affidavit to be opened only after his death. Last week, the text was released. It asserts that the weather-balloon claim was a cover story and that the real object had been recovered by the military and stored in a hangar.

He described seeing not just the craft, but alien bodies. He wasn't the first Roswell witness to talk about alien bodies.

Local undertaker Glenn Dennis had long claimed that he was contacted by authorities at Roswell shortly after the crash and asked to provide a number of child-sized coffins. When he arrived at the base, he was apparently told by a nurse (who later disappeared) that a UFO had crashed and that small humanoid extraterrestrials had been recovered.

But Haut is the only one of the original participants to claim to have seen alien bodies. UFO pieces were handed around.

Haut's affidavit talks about a high-level meeting he attended with base commander Col. William Blanchard and the Commander of the Eighth Army Air Force, Gen. Roger Ramey. Haut states that at this meeting, pieces of wreckage were handed around
for participants to touch, with nobody able to identify the material. He says the press release was issued because locals were already aware of the crash site, but in fact there had been a second crash site, where more debris from the craft had fallen.

The plan was that an announcement acknowledging the first site, which had been discovered by a farmer, would divert attention from the second and more important location.

The clean-up operation

Haut also spoke about a clean-up operation, where for months afterward military personnel scoured both crash sites searching for all remaining pieces of debris, removing them and erasing all signs that anything unusual had occurred. This ties in with claims made by locals that debris collected as souvenirs was seized by the military.

Haut then tells how Colonel Blanchard took him to "Building 84" — one of the hangars at Roswell — and showed him the craft itself. He describes a metallic egg-shaped object around 12-15 feet in length and around 6 feet wide. He said he saw no windows, wings, tail, landing gear or any other feature.

Haut "saw the alien bodies"

He saw two bodies on the floor, partially covered by a tarpaulin. They are described in his statement as about 4 feet tall, with
disproportionately large heads. Towards the end of the affidavit, Haut concludes: "I am convinced that what I personally observed was some kind of craft and its crew from outer space."

What's particularly interesting about Walter Haut is that in the many interviews he gave before his death, he played down his role and made no such claims. Had he been seeking publicity, he would surely have spoken about the craft and the bodies. Did he fear ridicule, or was the affidavit a sort of deathbed confession from someone who had been part of a cover-up, but who had
stayed loyal to the end?

The U.S. government came under huge pressure on Roswell in the '90s. In July 1994, in response to an inquiry from the General Accounting Office, the office of the secretary of the Air Force published a report, "The Roswell Report: Fact Versus Fiction in the New Mexico Desert."

Weather balloon "cover story"

The report concluded that the Roswell incident had been attributable to something called Project Mogul, a top-secret project using high-altitude balloons to carry sensor equipment into the upper atmosphere, listening for evidence of Soviet nuclear tests.
A second U.S. Air Force report concluded that the claims bodies were recovered were generated by people who had seen crash-test dummies dropped from the balloons.

Skeptics, of course, will dismiss the testimony left by Haut.”

Footnote to story:
The main problem with the government story of weather balloons and crash test dummies is the fact there is no proof that crash test dummies had yet been invented (or used) in 1947. They came into existence and used in the mid 1950s for an assortment of crash scenarios.

Bottom Line: I believe Haut, what does he have to lose, he's dead. I think he made a deathbed confession of the facts as he saw them in 1947 and he went with the cover-up story for all these years to protect himself and his family.

The Roswell Daily Record headline from July 8th 1947:


RAAF Captures Flying Saucer
On Ranch in Roswell Region

Roswell ufo 1947

Here is the text of the newspaper story:

No Details of Flying Disk Are Revealed

Roswell Hardware Man and Wife Report Disc Seen

The intelligence office of the 509th Bombardment group at Roswell Army Field announced at noon today, that the field has come into possession of a flying saucer. According to information released by the department, over authority of Maj.J. A. Marcel, intelligence officer, the disk was recovered on a ranch in the Roswell vicinity, after an unidentified rancher had notified Sheriff Geo. Wilcox, here, that he had found the instrument on his premises. Major Marcel and a detail from his department went to the ranch and recovered the disk, it was stated. After the intelligence officer here had inspected the instrument it was flown to higher headquarters. The intelligence office stated that no details of the saucer's construction or its appearance had been revealed. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Wilmot apparently were the only persons in Roswell who seen what they thought was a flying disk. They were sitting on their porch at 105 South Penn. last Wednesday night at about ten o'clock when a large glowing object zoomed out of the sky from the southeast, going in a northwesterly direction at a high rate of speed. Wilmot called Mrs. Wilmot's attention to it and both ran down into the yard to watch. It was in sight less then a minute, perhaps 40 or 50 seconds, Wilmot estimated. Wilmot said that it appeared to him to be about 1,500 feet high and going fast. He estimated between 400 and 500 miles per hour. In appearance it looked oval in shape like two inverted saucers, faced mouth to mouth, or like two old type washbowls placed, together in the same fashion. The entire body glowed as though light were showing through from inside, though not like it would inside, though not like it would be if a light were merely underneath. From where he stood Wilmot said that the object looked to be about 5 feet in size, and making allowance for the distance it was from town he figured that it must have been 15 to 20 feet in diameter, though this was just a guess.Wilmot said that he heard no sound but that Mrs. Wilmot said she heard a swishing sound for a very short time. The object came into view from the southeast and disappeared over the treetops in the general vicinity of six mile hill. Wilmot, who is one of the most respected and reliable citizens in town, kept the story to himself hoping that someone else would come out and tell about having seen one, but finally today decided that he would go ahead and tell about it. The announcement that the RAAF was in possession of one came only a few minutes after he decided to release the details of what he had seen.




Could these images be Roswell UFO debris?

roswell tile type material ufo disc debris

roswell ufo ufo glyphs


roswell ufo metalroswell wreckage


roswell material

I came across these photos a few years ago while searching the net. Who knows if they are real or not?

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