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Shag Harbour USO Incident


USO festival - August 8th & 9th 2008

Two-day event highlights 1967 USO sighting

The Shag Harbour UFO Incident Society presents

The 2008 Shag Harbour UFO Festival

August 8th & 9th

Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia


Schedule of Events
Friday Aug 8th
Saturday Aug 9th
- 9 am Yard Sale at post office Hosted by Incident Society.
- 10 am UFO Centre opens as usual.
- 11 am Fries and Barbecue at postoffice by Local FD
- 11 am Meet Jillian Kendrick at UFO Centre, with her Shag Harbour Sea Glass items.
- 1 pm Meet UFO Researcher David Cvet at UFO Centre.
- 2 pm Press Conference at Community Hall.
- 3 pm Meet some of locals involved in 1967 as well as David Cvet, at UFO Rest Stop.
- 4:30 pm Supper at Shag Harbour/Bear Point Fire Dept. Turkey Burger (hot or cold), choice of potatoe, beverage, Washington Pie. $6.00 per person.
- 7:30 At Fire Hall meet Sat. speakers, Alien Costume Contest (prizes), Alien Cafe, and Silent Auction. Draw for grandfather clock made by the late Romie Leblanc.

On Saturday the Alien Cafe will be set up at the Seminar site. Darren Perry will join us with his chowders at the postoffice and hosted by Incident Society.

UFO/USO Syposium


Stanton T. Friedman: Flying Saucers Are Real

Carl Feindt: USO cases - Underwater Objects

Paul Kimball: Documentary ~ Best Evidence - The Top Ten UFO Sightings

Mike MacDonald: Documentary ~ Intruders

Chris Styles: Shag Harbour Updates

plus Pilot/UFO Encounters



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40th Anniversary of the Shag Harbour USO Event!

October 4th 2007 marks the 40th Anniversary of the infamous Shag Harbor UFO Incident. This monumental event in UFO-logy will be recognized on the weekend of Oct 5th & 6th. A newly formed society has organized the Lighthouse & UFO's 40th Anniversary of the Shag Harbour Incident which is sponsoring the event.

Here is a schedule of events:

Friday, Oct. 5:

10 a.m. UFO museum opens as usual. Local coral and fossil expert Derek Jones will have a display at the Shag Harbour Community Hall. His corals have been featured on a postage stamp.

4 p.m. Buffet supper at the Shag Harbour/Bear Point Fire Hall. Local dishes - $6 adult and $3 for 12 and under.

7 p.m. UFO talks at Shag Harbour/Bear Point Fire Hall. $5 adult, $2.50 12 and under. Local witnesses Norman Smith, Laurie Wickens, David Cvet a Toronto UFO researcher and diver, Don Ledger author and UFO researcher.

Ledger co-authored the book, Dark Object, and also wrote Flying Triangles, Swissair Down, and Maritime UFO Files. He has written other articles that have been translated into other languages and been a guest on several TV and radio programs. Society members recognize him as an expert on the Shag Harbour incident.

Saturday, Oct. 6

10:30 a.m. Norman Smith will lead a guided tour from ERMES to gazebo. Ledger will meet the group at gazebo. Smith will tell what he saw in ’67.

12:30 p.m. Local expert on Seal Is
7 a.m. Lighthouse breakfast $5 adult, $2.50 child at the Shag Harbour/Bear Point Fire Hall

9 a.m. Collectables sale at the Shag Harbour Community Hall. Includes Avon bottles, dishes etc.
land Ronnie Kenney will talk about life on this remote island.

2 p.m. Ledger will give a talk on UFOs at the Shag Harbour/Bear Point Fire Hall.

The above three events cost $5 adult or $2.50 child.

11:30 a.m. The Bon Portage General Store will be selling lunch. Lobster chowder, sandwiches etc.

An author from British Columbia, C. Anne Degrace will be attending the festival. She is working on a fiction book featuring Shag Harbour. Other Shag Harbour Incident Society members will be presenting talks on UFOs.


October 4 1967 - Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia

A short summary, click the link below for the full story:

A UFO, or orange lights in the sky, was witnessed by numerous people the night of Oct 4th 1967. They say these lights crashed into Shag Harbor. A light could be seen on the water shortly after the crash. By the time some local fisherman got to the area of the crash, the light was gone. Local officials & the Royal Canadian Mounted Police sent down divers thinking this could have been an airplane accident. Nothing was found. 

Fast forward to 1993. The story gets picked up by Chris Styles a MUFON researcher. Styles was joined by Doug Ledger who also is with MUFON. What they uncover is truly amazing. Apparently the craft navigated about 30 miles south underwater to a place called 'Governors Point' close to a US sub tracking base.

This USO was picked up on sonar and navy vessels were sent to investigate. The ships were positioned directly over it.  A couple of days went by and navy were thinking of starting a salvage operation to recover the craft. This is when a 2nd USO comes to the aid of 1st one and appears to repair it.

After about a week some of the monitoring vessels were dispatched to intercept an approaching Russian sub. At this time the 2 USO's made there way to the gulf of Maine. They were able to get away from the trailing navy vessels break the surface and fly away. Truly amazing.

Visit this link for the complete story


"Dark Object" by Don Ledger and Chris Styles, Dell Publishing, ISBN: 0-440-23647-9

1952 UFO Events- 1952 was a good year for UFO/USO events and sitings


USO Sightings

USO - Unidentified Submerged Objects These are the same as UFO's but can operate underwater as well as in the atmosphere or sky. There has been recent activity near Puerto Rico and the Bermuda Triangle.  Some believe there are underwater bases in that area. The History Channel had a great program on these USO's.

The USS Franklin Delanore Roosevelt aircraft carrier was the first naval ship to carry nuclear weapons . For this reason, many say the USS FDR was also a magnet for USO sitings.  With multiple sitings with multiple reliable eye witnesses, these cases become hard to debunk.


Sept 20 1952  Operation Mainbrace














A multinational force made up of US & British naval ships.  USO approach the FDR and are witnessed by many people. Apparently a British ship had a close encounter as well.

Sept 20 1952 7:30pm

3 Danish officers participating in the multinational exercises observe a USO approach their ship. It hovers awhile then disappears. 24hrs later 6 British officers see them emerge from the water and head towards their ship

Oct 2 1963 - Radar Operator on the FDR Off the coast of Sardinia, radar operator Jordan noticed a blip on his radar screen. It  moved across his screen at altitudes and faster then anything he had seen before. It approached the FDR slowed, then just disappeared. He was never able to tell if the craft went into the water or not.

Rumor has it that Dwight Eisenhower may have even been present on the FDR during at least one of these USO events.



Santa Catalina Channel, Ca

A large object was observed by several witnesses. This object was also picked up on sonar. It was floating on the surface of the Pacific ocean. Several smaller ufo's were released from this mother-ship prior to its submerging. Sonar tracking had it heading south towards the Santa Catalina Channel before disappearing.

June 14th 1992

Santa Catalina Channel, Ca.

Over 200 craft were seen emerging from the Ocean. They hovered for several seconds then flew off. Many witnesses filed reports.


Golfo Nuevo, 650 miles south of Buenos Aires.

Argentinean Navy tracked 2 USOs thinking they were United States submarines. Eventually, the two items broke apart and flew out to the water.

March 1963

100 off the coast of Puerto Rico

Naval ships and submarines were conducting exercises when one US sub began chasing a USO that they identified as traveling above 150 knots, deepth was 20000 feet. Most submarines have a crush limit of 7000 feet. This object was tracked for 4 days, at times reaching tremendous speeds


November 11th 1972

Sognefjord Norway

The Norwegian Navy tracked an unidentified undersea object in the Songefjord waters. Helicopters, ships and sub hunters were dispatched to locate the object. On Nov 20th the USO exited the water and was described as 'huge' and 'cigar shaped'. One of the navy ships fired on it and it sank back down into the water. The navy's depth charges did nothing. They planned to block the fjord but the uso disappeared.


October 4th 1967

Shag Harbor - Nova Scotia

Canadian version of 'Roswell' incident. Descibed in more detail elsewhere on this page.




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