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Calgary UFO - June 20th - 2014

Here are some Pics of supposed ufo over Calgary Canada 6/20/2014.

calgary ufo


ufo over calgary canada   ufo calgary 2014
calgary ufo negative   ufo calgary


Notre Dame UFO - Sept 3rd - 2011

Here are some Pics of supposed ufo over Notre Dame stadium during a thunderstorm.

Notre Dame UFO ufo Notre Dame
Notre UFO Dame Lightning Bolt UFO Indiana

It could be a bird?.

This UFO Sighting occured 11-26-10 over Plymouth NH.

Here is the story as it was emailed to me:

Day after Thanksgiving (2010) my family and I went up to Plymouth,NH to a tree farm for the afternoon in search of a tree. Later that day we got home to find something odd on one of our pictures. I have seen many ufo's and I have several photos in the past but this one is very different from anything I am used to seeing.
I can see what almost appears to be happening. It's like the middle came out and up it went. You can see there are 2 other round objects in the sky above it.  My husband took this picture of me and said he never saw a thing. This usually happens and I have so many that I am starting to wonder if this is my family being followed?

Here are the photos that accompanied the email. I zoomed and tweaked the coloring on them as well.


ufo over new hampshire   UFO Plymouth NH
ufo new hampshire   new hampshire ufo
ufo plymouth   ufo over plymouth
    plymouth ufo

Thanks Tonya



Coutd the famous 1958 Trindade Island UFO Photo be a hoax?

BrazilianTV show, “Fantastico”, aired a program about the Trindade Island’s UFO sighting.

Trindade Island UFO Hoax


This is one of the most celebrated cases in ufology, so when a friend of the author of the famous photos, Almiro Barauna, tells in a recorded interview that she:

“heard from the photographer himself: he hoaxed the images, it was a montage. ‘He got two spoons, joined them and improvised a spaceship, using as background his home fridge. He photographed on the fridge door and object with a perfect lighting, because the calculated everything, he wasn’t dumb. He laughed a lot’, said Emilia Bittencourt.”

Also, apparently, the photographers Niece, who is holding the files, confirms the ufo hoax story.

For more click here

Im not sure what to make of the new info regarding this famous ufo photo, i guess it could be spoons. Here is my photo analysis of the image anyway. (Click on the photo for enlargement )

trindade island ufo
  ufo trindade isle


island trindade ufo   portugal ufo






A BBC Journalist films UFO over the village of Wollaston, near Stourbridge UK on May 17th 2010. The strange orange orb was recorded on a mobile phone camera.


Some still images from the above video. Cropped & enlarged


stourbridge UFO   ufo over stourbridge
Wollaston UFO sighting   ufo over wollaston
stourbridge uk ufo   mystery orange orb




Here is a recent UFO picture taken over Ohio on 5-15-2010. It supposedly shows a triangle shaped UFO heading east over Powell Ohio, apparently witnessed by a group of people. This is Mufon Case #23307 .

powell ohio ufo sighting


The photo is now enlarged, cropped and colorized.
ohio ufo sightings   ufo ohio sighting




Here is another recent UFO picture taken over Georgia on 5-8-2010. It supposedly shows a UFO over Georgia. This is Mufon Case #23250

georgia ufo


Again, the photo is cropped, enlarged, and colorized. I am a little more skeptical of this ufo photo.
georgia ufo fake   georgia ufo fake



Sacramento Ca 03-20-10 - Boomerang UFO

Here is a supposed boomerang shaped UFO filmed over Sacramento California on March 20th 2010. The blow ups below give a better perspective. Notice the pixelation or motion blur around the object, not sure what to make of it. Cool picture anyway.

california ufo sighting


sacramento ufo sighting   ufo sacramento
Northern Cali UFO Sighting   ufo over california




Jan, 2010

Triangle UFO Over the River Liffey In Dublin Ireland


Dublin Triangle UFO  

Here is a supposed Triangle UFO filmed over the river Liffey near Dublin Ireland on Jan 22, 2010.

The Video starts looking at stars trough a night vision lens. At the 22 second mark, a triangle, with lights on it, comes into focus and flys by.

Some.blog posts state it was acutally filmed in California in 2009.


Dublin Triangle UFO 1 Dublin Triangle UFO 2 Dublin Triangle UFO 3


Japan 11-23-09 - Emerald UFO Pulsating

This supposed ufo footage was shot on 11-23-09 on the tiny island of Kyushu in the city of Izumi, an area located on the southern tip of Japan. Could be a star.

Japan UFO ufo japan UFO Over Japan
ufo sighting Japan UFOs Over Japan Japanese UFO Sighting



MASS UFO SIGHTING - Giant Spiral Light over Norway

UPDATE: The cause of the giant spiral was apparently a failed Russian missle launched from a submarine in the White Sea.

The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that a Bulava ballistic missile test had failed.

The mysterious giant spiral of light was witnessed by thousands of Norwegians and was seen for hundreds of miles. The light phenomenon was visable for 2 minutes the morning of Dec 9th at 8:45am. The strange spiral finally faded into a ball then a trail of blue light. The Meterological Institute was inundated with calls. The theroies range from a fiery Meteor, a Russian missle, Northern Lights, Black Hole to even Alien activity. The mystery has left the worlds top scientists and miitary officals baffled.

Below are some screen shots. Mouse Over UFO Spiral for enlargements.




Spiral UFO
UFO Spiral Over Norway
Norway UFO
Spiral UFO Over Norway
Spiral UFO Norway
Norway Spiral
Norway UFO
Spiral ufo over norway
Norwegian UFO sightings
sighting UFO




South America has had a rash of recent UFO sightings witnessed by hundreds of people.

These UFO sightings have occured over Salta Argentina, Lima Peru and Iquique Chile

Here is video but im not sure which of these sightings it refers to.

Below are some screen shots cropped and blownup. Mouse over pics for enlargements.


south america ufo sighting ufo over south american ufo south america sighting south america


South American UFO sao paoulo ufo ufo  


Here are some screen shots of a UFO video filmed over South Tyneside UK with sightings as south as Sunderland UK. These screen captures were cropped, zoomed and different settings were used, such as negative and differenct color balancing filters. The second line offers some interesting shots that look like a typical UFO shape. The UK map to the right details the area of the recent UFO sighting.

I can't say for certain that this is a UFO or not, but it is interesting.

Mouse over the UFO photos for enlargements.

Here is the link to the original UFO Video

UK Map
sunderland ufo sunderland ufo Sunderland UFO Sightings sunderland latest ufo
Sunderland UFOs Sunderlland ufo Sundarland UFO Sightings UFO Sunderland Sighting




Here is a ufo photo taken in Portsmouth UK February 2008. I find this image interesting. When freelance photographer Hab Rahman uploaded his moody photos of Portsmouth in the fog, he found an unexplained object loitering in the background.

Could this UFO Photo be a fake? Its possible, but i still like it.

Here is the story on the Portsmouth UFO Photo.

Portsmouth UFO
Portsmouth UFO ufo over portsmouth portsmouth 2008 ufo 2008 Portsmouth UFO photo


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