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May, 2012

Supposed UFO Filmed from an airplane - 4/26/12

Here is another supposed UFO video filmed from an airplane. On a flight from London to Franfurt Germany on 4/26/12. If you watch the video closely the camera pans away from the wing then at the 8 second mark it goes black then at the 9 second mark the picture comes back with the supposed UFOs in the frame. Because of this i believe this video to be a hoax.


April, 2012

NASA Video Of UFOs From the Last Shuttle Flight

Here is video filmed from the Space Shuttle Atlantis' last flight. Starts out viewing the cargo bay of the Atlantis, at around the 4:30 mark the camara pans up to view 3 ufos in a triangle shape. NASA's explanation is its either 'lens flare' or 'reflections'.



Mar, 2012

Is This a Bug Or UFO Recorded In 2010 near Santiago Chile?

It looks like a bug to me.


Jan, 2012

Is This a UFO On THe Bottom Of The Ocean?

Last year, sonar images taken by Ocean Explorer show what could be a UFO on the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

Jan, 2012

MOSCOW UFO - 12-29-2011 -

Here's what appears to be a triangle shaped UFO filmed over Moscow Russia on december 29th 2011.

Here are a some screenshots from the video, the last one being a negative.

Moscow UFO   UFO over moscow
UFO Moscow   Russian UFO




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