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UFO Sightings - 2013


Mar 2013

Meteor Streaks Across The East Coast

Friday March 22 2013 a huge meteor streaked across the east coast, lighting up the sky and seen from Florida to Maine. This supposed Meteor, the size of a washing machine, was very bright and was seen around 8pm. it went from West to East, then appeared to breakup.

"These things are very common," Timothy Spahr, director of the Minor Planet Center at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, said in an e-mail. "The Earth accumulates tons and tons of material every day through collisions. Most of it is small dust particles, but we get a few 'large' things like baseball-sized chunks every day or few days."

East Coast Meteor

  UFO Meteor

Mar 2013

UFO Filmed Over Melbourne Austrailia - 3/4/2013

Here are supposed UFOs flying in formation over Melbourne Austrailia, March 4th 2013. This video was filmed with an infrared filter. You see small orbs flying around, some appear to be in formation. One appears to stop and change direction. Some zip by at incredible speeds. I could argeue that these might be insects.


Austrailia UFO   Melbourne UFO

Mar 2013

UFO Filmed Over Russia - 1/8/2013

Here is a supposed UFO fimed over Russia, January 8th 2013

Mar 2013

Meterorite / UFO Explodes Over Russia - Feb 2013


A meteorite exploded over Russia on 2/15/2013. Some have questioned weather this was actually a meteroite of a UFO. The speculation makes this a true Unidentified Flying Object event. One question is why was the UFO's trajectory parallel to earth? They say it should be more of a vertical entry into the atmoshpere. Im not so sure about that. Some people say they see a projectile hitting the 'UFO' causing the explosion, ive looked at the video pretty closely and dont see that. Apparently the site where some of the object crashed, into a lake, was imediately cordoned off by military personnel looking for evidence of the 'meteroite'. I cant say if any of this is true. I just report what i hear, you decide...

Here are some negatives from the above video.

russian ufo   ufo over russia
Russian UFO Meterorite   Explodiing UFO Over Russia


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