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UFO Sightings 2016

May 2016

apollo 10 space music

Apollo 10 astronauts experienced something very odd while orbiting the moon in 1969. while crossing the dark side of the moon the lunar capsule lost contact with earth for 30 minutes. During this blackout, the astronauts all heard a very strange space type music in their headsets. The lunar module recorded this 'music' as well as the astrnouts talking about it. They even mentioned not saying anything as no one would beleive them anyway. ...

Jan 2016

Montana UFO Sighting

Dr. Richard O'conner has been taking pictures of the sky using 2 motion detection camares for the past two years, over his home in Clancy Montana, with the hope that by chance he might capture something on film.

280,000 pictures later, something was captured on film..

Mid day on Nov 4 2014 his cameras took 5 photos of a ufo flying over the skies of Montana.

The cameras used were two Reconyx Hyperfire PC 900 trail cameras. He installed them on the southeast corner of his property. The cameras were programed to take photos of any moving objects. Just about all of the pics captured were of wild life or treetops. That is, until Nov 4th.

Here are some of the photos: The ufo is located toward the bottom of the first image.

montana ufo

I zoomed and colored these:

montana ufo   ufo montana
ufo over montana   montana ufo sighting


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