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Crop Circles

Could Crop Circles be communications from another Civilization?


Recent Crop Circles

Raistings Germany Crop Circle - 7/28/14


A huge crop circle was discovered last week by a hot air balloonist carved into a Bavarian farmers wheat field. The intricate design has a diameter of roughly 250 feet.

The field is located in the sleepy village of Weilheim. The farm owner, Christoph Huttner, said he did not create the design and speculated it was summer vacationing youths. He is also amazed that no tracks were left behind by whoever did it.

I count 4 intricate interconnected circles, within a bigger circle. The 3 inner circles bordered by 16 diamond shapes varing in size. It almost resembles that of a nuclear sign:


crop circle raisting   german crop circle


The crop circle was created near the antennas of a former communication station which was used to broadcast the first moon landing in 1969 to european households.

Once spotted, the crop circle became a viral sensation on social networks. Since its discovery, hundreds of people have been descending on the circle to pray, chant, play guitar and dance, some even slept in the crop circle.

Huttner is not sure if he will keep the circle or plow it. Damage to his crops are estimated at a few hundred euros.



Raisting Gernany Crop Circle   Raisting Crop Circle
germany crop circle   raisting crop circle




Salinas California - 12/30/13

UPDATE: The Crop Circle was a publicity stunt for the tech firm NVIDIA. It was a representation of their new GPU chip and was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

This crop circle appeared in a barleyfield in Salinas California on 12/30/13. The intricate design was spotted Monday morning in a field 2 hours south of San Francisco, but by Tuesday it was plowed away.

The farm owner had it removed citing a 'food saftey issue'. The farmer, Scott Anthony, 58, hired security guards to keep the curious and news people from crossing onto his farmland. He also grows brocoli, lettuce and snap peas.

Salinas Ca Crop Circle   crop circle salinas






recent crop circle collage



Ancient Mayan Crop Circle Symbol - Said to be sign of impending 'Apocalypse' - Silbury Hill, Whiltshire   Hummingbird Crop Circle appears in a barley field in Whiltshire
mayan apocalypse symbol crop circle   hummingbird crop circle
Crop Circles Via Google Earth




JellyFish Crop Circle


600ft Jellyfish Crop Circle Appears On An Oxfordshire Farm


This vast pattern appeared in a barley field last week and experts are calling it the first Crop Circle of its kind. Jellyfish Crop Circle Article



recent crop circles

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Or, are Crop Circles just elaborate hoaxs? That is a good question.



Although most crop circles are probably fakes, there are some that are so intricate it would be almost impossible to create them with that degree of accuracy, in such a short time frame.




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