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Apr 2014

Maassluis Netherlands UFO

Here's a supposed ufo filmed in the skies over Maassluis Netherlands on 4/11/2014. This video is alittle suspect to me, the craft is tilted down and doesnt seem to move much, aside from the camera movement.. Its almost like a still picture or a kite. You be the judge...


maasluizer UFO
Netherlands UFO




Apr 2014

Mysterious Light On Mars

The Mars rover Curiosity has sent back some very interesting pictures of mars. The picture below shows a bright light eminating from the surface of Mars. Of course NASA offers some lame explanations as to what it 'might' be. The bright light anomaly appears in 2 images taken April 2nd and 3rd 2014. NASA and JPL have theorized that these light anomalies could be 'cosmic ray hits' or 'sunlight glinting from rock surfaces'.

Why dont they just drive the rover over there to investigate? Maybe they dont want to know the truth.

Mars Light

Here's the same picture but negatived and coloized.

Mars Light Negative   Mars Light

Here's the same picture zoomed, but since it was so far away, it gets very pixelated.

Mar Alien Light



Mar 2014

Ukraine UFO Sighting

Here's an image of a supposed cigar shaped ufo flying over Korosten Ukraine on March 6th 2014. Its one image that i colorized to make the collage below. You can view the video here.

Korosten UFO



Feb 2014

Volcano - Mount Sakurajima UFO Video

Here's a cool video showing UFOs interacting with White lights near Volcano Mount Sakurajima, Japan in March 2013.

But according to youtube, this is secutiry footage of an electical fire played back at 30x speed.


Jan 2014

Multiple UFOs Sighted Over California On New Years Eve

Once again New Years Eve proves to be a hot night for UFO activity. Unidentified Flying Objects were spotted all across the skies of California on the evening of 12/31/3013. These objects were described as varying in shapes and sizes.

It's important to remember, New Years Eve has always been a very popular night for Chinese Lanterns, Fireworks, etc. And now with the influx of personal drones its really hard to say if any of these sighting were actual UFOs or just people celebrating the New Year.


Dec 2013

UFO Caught On Video Over Tokyo - Christmas



6 white objects were spotted in the skies over Tokyo on Christmas day. Filmed by multiple witnesses as well as a reporter for Takuma news. Im not convinced there isn't a logical explanation for these lights.

Dec 2013

UFO Filmed Over Texas - Christmas Eve 2013



Here's a large white bright object that was observed flying in the skies over Midland Texas on 12/24/2013. Interesting.

Midland Texas UFO   Texas UFO
Midland UFO



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